About Me

A 40-something man wearing too many hats, and not enough hours in the day to fulfill them all. Hence I sit in my little cupboard at night getting on with things, but often idle the time away enjoying and learning from the world of the web, and hope this mishmash of posts is of interest to others.

Offically though, I’m a Creative Specialist for an Engineering Consultancy firm based in Glasgow; I manage some freelancing through Montfode Design, www.md93.co.uk; and I’m organist, elder and rollkeeper in my local church.

Outwith that I enjoy photography, birdwatching, music and wear multiple anoraks in shipping, airplanes, trains, weather and almost anything else that moves! I also have an expanding family of Guinea Pigs! Oh, and I have a lovely wife and daughter that see me occasionally!

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